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Vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers are the connoisseurs’ choice of stickers. Instead of a piece of paper with a logo, instead of something that has a very short lifespan, we use viny stickers. Vinyl is the next best thing to actually changing the surface.


Industrial quality vinyl is used for these high end stickers, which is customised with a plotter machine. The result is fade proof, water proof and very weather resistant. Ultra -Violet (UV) coatings will make the sticker even more resilient. Vinyl stickers stay till you want to remove them.



Vinyl stickers can be made in a variety of sizes, and used to advertise anything. Logos, cartoon images, text and other designs are all possible. There are generally three different finishes.

  • Permanent Gloss- a shiny sticker the stays permanently attached.
  • Permanent Matt- A matt finished sticker that stays permanently attached.
  • Removable Gloss Sticker – A glossy surface sticker that can remove if necessary.


Use vinyl stickers for cars, shop windows, sporting events, market stalls and schools. More than paper signs Vinyl give a sense of class. When attached to a surface the vinyl sticker is part of the product, part of the building or vehicle it is attached to. Have an image that is part of the company, and make your business look all the better for it.


If you think your company needs vinyl stickers Illawarra based Nova Visual is the place to talk to.